Architectural Metal Coatings


Across the world, and on practically every kind of structure that requires colorful metal coatings to look and perform their best, you'll discover the innovative and proven coating solutions of PPG.

For more than five decades, PPG scientists and formulation experts have pushed the limits of what's possible in architectural metal coatings—and along the way have helped to reshape the modern skyline. Starting in 1967 with the first application with our revolutionary DURANAR® coatings, and continuing to this day with such advances as infrared-reflective pigments and customizable powder coatings, we are creating solutions that are more versatile, architect-friendly and environmentally compatible than ever before.

From masterpieces such as the Empire State Building and the Pyramid at the Louvre, to the countless residential and commercial structures our products improve every day, we provide architectural metal coatings with the color, performance and longevity that beautify and protect buildings for years.



When you select PPG, you have true command of color. Our unequalled color-matching capability offers both custom colors and an extensive palette of hues to select from, with new colors added to our database every month. Through our proprietary, digitally-based Color Management System, you're ensured color consistency from the production of the first sample to the actual application of the coating on the building.



We know that color has to perform to truly show off its beauty. So we offer a complete lineup of formulations, from the industry-leading Duranar coatings line, to a variety of other coil and extrusion coatings that deliver exceptional performance while meeting the most stringent industry specs and regulations. Additionally, to ensure the proper application process and high-quality products, we offer our Certified Applicator Program that connects you with extrusion applicators we've identified as the best in the industry. 


At PPG, we take pride in our long-standing relationships with customers who trust us to protect some of the most iconic, monumental structures around the world. We develop these strong relationships by doing much more than covering their buildings—we also surround them with support. That means throughout your architectural metal coatings project, we stand ready to make sure the process flows smoothly by taking on your project as our own, working closely with you to provide intuitive expertise and responsive support for results we can all be proud of. And of course, you can count on our environmental and application requirement expertise to help you meet local and global standards, for even more peace of mind.