Architectural Metal Coatings


We formulate our architectural metal coatings to last long into the future. As part of that commitment, we offer field-applied coatings products for touch-up or building restoration projects.  Please read the following Touch Up Procedure to determine the correct course for your project.

   Touch Up Procedure

DURANAR® ADS (Air-Dry System) Field-Applied Coatings

As 1-component products featuring the same properties for chalk and fade as factory-applied Duranar coatings, Duranar ADS coating were created expressly for the repair, restoration and/or repainting of metal buildings originally finished with factory-applied Duranar coatings.


CORAFLON® ADS (Air-Dry System) Field-Applied Coatings

Coraflon ADS coatings are 2-component coatings that must be applied by PPG approved contractors. A breakthrough field-applied coating optimized for restoration of weathered architectural metals, Coraflon ADS coatings offer unsurpassed color retention and chalk resistance.

With low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, Coraflon ADS coatings meet code requirements for most regions and can be applied on building panels, architectural accents, curtainwalls, roofs, aluminum windows, doors, handrails, stairs and other structurally sound surfaces.

Acrylic Lacquer Touch-Up Coatings

Duracryl acrylic lacquer touch-up coatings are designed for small repairs to AAMA 2603-type coatings. Available through most aerosol touch-up companies and automotive body shops, this air-dry product is recommended only for repairing small scratches and surface blemishes over factory-applied coatings, and not for major repairs.


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