Architectural Metal Coatings


We formulate our architectural metal coatings to last long into the future. As part of that commitment, we offer field-applied coatings products for touch-up or building restoration projects. 

Coraflon® ADS

Coraflon ADS coating is a two-component air-dry fluoropolymer finish that provides excellent color, chalk resistance, and meets the AAMA 2605 weatherability and chemical resistance standards.  Coraflon will weather similarly to the Duranar 70% PVDF Factory Applied Coating and is available in satin or gloss, solid colors, metallic and mica/pearls.  Coraflon is ideal for New and existing architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS), Bridges, Tanks, Corporate Imaging, Metal Roofs, or Restoration projects.  Get factory applied performance in an air-dry product...

Coraflon Intermix
Coraflon Mica
Coraflon Metallic
Coraflon Clear
Coraflon Sell Sheet

BRP 1500

BRP 1500 Urethane, by using PPG Automotive pigments, is able to attain a rich pallete of vivid solid colors, metallic, mica/pearl special effects.  The low-VOC urethane (<100 g/L VOC) that is extremely durable, available in satin or gloss and is ideal for New Construction, Corporate Imaging, or Restoration Projects. 

BRP 1501
BRP Sell Sheet

Industrial Urethane Topcoat

BRP 1001
ADS 650


ADS 510
ADS 564
ADS 573

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