Architectural Metal Coatings


The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) analyzes products to provide architects with benchmarks for quality in selecting the right products for new construction and renovation projects. 

The AAMA 2605 high performance specification is the highest standard available for organic coatings on architectural aluminum extrusions and panels, reserved for products that offer superior performance. 

PPG DURANAR® 70% PVDF Solid Extrusion Coatings

Duranar fluoropolymer extrusion coatings are AAMA 2605-approved 2-coat systems consisting of a patented primer and a durable color coat that combines PPG proprietary resin and pigment technologies with 70% PVDF resin. For 50 years, Duranar liquid extrusion coatings have demonstrated exceptional resistance to chalking, fading, chipping, peeling, dirt collection and chemical staining when properly applied on exterior aluminum surfaces. 


Duranar Sunstorm fluoropolymer extrusion coatings feature the same technology as conventional Duranar 2-coat extrusion coating systems with the addition of mica pearlescent flakes to the durable color coat layer, which enables them to achieve a metalescent look without aluminum flake and a clear topcoat.

PPG DURANAR® XL Metallic Coatings

Consisting of a patented primer, a durable color coat, and clear top coat (3-coat system) or a patented primer, barrier coat, durable color coat, and clear top coat (4-coat system), Duranar XL coatings provide exceptional aesthetics and durability in aggressive seacoast and industrial environments. Added layers of protection enable Duranar XL coatings to resist abrasion and retain gloss and color after long-term exposure to atmospheric contaminants such as acid rain.  The addition of a clear coat enhances the UV-resistance of the coating to prevent chalk and maintain color over the lifetime of the finish. 

PPG DURANAR® 70% PVDF Fluoropolymer Extrusion Powder Coatings

Environmentally friendly Duranar fluoropolymer powder coatings provide harder surfaces that are extremely resistant to damage during fabrication, shipping, installation and use. A patented manufacturing process enables Duranar powder coatings to be produced economically in small batches of standard and custom colors for individual building projects. These products are always applied over a primer, which combined with their exceptional durability, makes them the best choice for harsh seacoast and industrial environments.

PPG CORAFLON® FEVE Fluoropolymer Extrusion Powder Coatings

Coraflon fluoropolymer powder coatings combine the benefits of 1-coat capability with high gloss, outstanding color retention and superior chalk resistance for multiple end-use applications such as extrusions, storefronts, fencing, doors, window frames, railings and light poles. For severe environments, Coraflon powder coatings should be applied over a liquid or powder primer.